In Front of Me

from by Juliet Wright

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But in Front of Me
Words and Music by Juliet Wright

Verse 1:
The sign says reduced speed ahead
But all I see are empty spaces
That remind me of the empty faces
Staring back at me day after day
Any brilliance night time follies erases
They forget (ignore) me
Empty spaces

Chorus 1:
But in front of me
Are the children of Saint Mary
Our dreams will they carry on.

With love I can see
Their souls search for truth
Eager to leave youth behind.
But can I see?

Verse 2:
The sign says “Have a nice day.”
But all I see is white
Green hides beneath white crystal coats
Of ice and snow
This wind chills me to the bone.
Making minutes go by like hours
Frozen spaces.

Chorus 2:
But in front of me
The earth is asleep.
Why do I weep and moan?
This rest she needs
To bring spring to life the time when she takes her throne.
But Can I see.

Down the road I know he’s there.
The one who’s true and calls me fair.
It’s hard to tell what the future holds
But I’ll be alright.
For my Lord, I know he’s there.

Verse 3:
The sign says “prepare to stop.”
But all I want to do is run.
Run from the gray trees and sky
Gray on the road ahead
And the gray in my reflection.
The gray in your dying face.

But in front of me.
Is a man who’s done his time.
He’s learned his lessons fine for now.
He’ll be taken back.
To try and try again.
Our lessons they send us back.
But can I see?
Can I see?
Can I see?

Nothing but the beating of my heart.
Nothing but the beating of my heart.

Verse 4:
The sign says ICU
But all I see are white walls
Tired to my bed unable to move
What’s happening to me
Concerned faces stare down at me.
Lord I’m frightened.
Desperate spaces.

Chorus 4:
But in front of me
Is the paradise I’ve searched for.
Fear it has lurked for so long.

Now I can leave
This troubled world behind.
Be with the One who’s true and kind.
But can I see?
Can I see?
Can I see?
Can I see?

There’s nothing but he beating of my heart.
Nothing but the beating of my heart.

Copyright 2008, Juliet Wright All rights reserved.


from Fearless Moral Inventory, released October 2, 2010



all rights reserved


Juliet Wright Pownal, Vermont

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